MyKuali | MyKuali Instant Rendang Chicken/ Meat Paste
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MyKuali Instant Rendang Chicken/ Meat Paste



Most Malaysians love Rendang.  The thought of it brings saliva to the mouth and you can literally hear some “swallowing” whenever it’s mentioned.  But it’s not something you get to enjoy everyday, as it’s usually cooked for special occasions like festivals, weddings or other important “kenduris”.


The reason is obvious.  It’s a notoriously laborious dish to cook.  With about 7-8 ingredients, including Galangal, which is not common outside of South East Asia, and a cooking time of approximately 3 – 4 hours, small wonder this delicious dish is only prepared for the special occasions.


Today, preparing Rendang is not as hard as you think.  With MyKuali Instant Rendang Paste, you can have this dish prepared with a meat of your choice in only 30 minutes and you can do it even if you’re abroad where compiling the ingredients seems impossible.


Try using MyKuali Instant Rendang paste with your favourite meat today.

Additional Information
Weight 175 g