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MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish / Seafood Paste
MYR 4.80
(inclusive 6% GST)

Weight 200g
1 packet

MyKuali’s Thai Curry Fish/Seafood Paste is used for cooking fish or seafood and it has a sour-ish taste that is very appetizing.   

It is suggested to add some tomatoes and ladies’ fingers to make it a nutritious curry dish.                                                                
The curry powder which is used as part of the ingredients of MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish/Seafood Paste is our very own unique formulation.

MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish/Seafood Paste
Thai Curry Fish (4-5 serving)
200 g (1 packet) MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish/seafood Paste
400ml Water
800g - 1kg Fish of your choice (Head, Slice, Stingray, Garoupa, Pomfret)
6 to 8 Ladies' fingers
1 Onion (Sliced)
1 Tomato (Cut into 4 pieces)
1. Pour "MyKuali Instant ThaiCurry Fish/Seafood Paste" and water into wok, stir until even.
2. When the mixture is boiled, add in ladies' fingers, onion and tomato, continue to cook for a while.
3. Then add in fish and simmer over medium heat until fish is cooked.
**Amount of water is just an estimation. Please adjust amount of water according 
to your taste preference, amount of water will directly affect the thickness of the curry.
**Optional: Add in soya sauce or salt if necessary, according to your taste and preference.
**Optional: Replace fish with other seafood such as prawns, squids and etc.
**Optional: You can add in 50ml of coconut milk/evaporated milk/fresh milk before serving.
MyKuali 泰式咖喱鱼/海鲜酱
泰式咖喱鱼(4 - 6 人份)
200克 (1 袋) MyKuali 泰式咖喱鱼/海鲜即煮酱
400 毫升
800克 - 1 公斤 鱼 (鱼头,鱼肉,魔鬼鱼,石斑,鲳鱼)
6 到八条 羊角豆 (切段)
1 粒 大葱 (切丝)
1 粒 番茄 (切成四块)
1. 将“MyKuali泰式咖哩鱼/海鲜既煮酱”和水一起倒入锅里,然后搅拌均匀。
2. 当咖喱煮沸时,加入羊角豆,大葱和番茄, 继续煮。
3. 然后加入鱼,中火煮至鱼熟后,即可享用。
**随个人喜好, 可使用其他材料来代替鱼,列如:虾,墨鱼等。
**随个人喜好, 可在起锅前加入 50 毫升 椰浆/淡奶/鲜奶。