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MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Chicken / Meat Paste
MYR 4.80
(inclusive 6% GST)

Weight 200g
1 packet

MyKuali’s Thai Curry Chicken Paste is the basic curry chicken that goes well with white rice, bread and turmeric glutinous rice.    

Adding coconut milk and potatoes to the Thai Curry Chicken makes the curry creamier.
The curry powder which is used as part of the ingredients of MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Chicken Paste is our very own unique formulation.

MyKuali Thai Curry Chicken/Meat Paste
Thai Curry Chicken (4-5 serving)
200 g (1 packet) MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Chicken Paste
800g - 1kg Chicken (Cut into pieces)
200 g Potatoes (Peeled and cut into pieces)
300 ml Water
100 ml Coconut milk
1. Boil potato until soft and put a side.
2. Pour in "MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Chicken Paste" and chicken pieces into wok, then stir fry with low heat.
2. Add in water and cook with medium heat, when chicken is cooked, add in potatoes.
3. Cook for another 3-5 minutes, add in coconut milk, ready to serve when boiled.
**Amount of water is just an estimation. Please adjust amount of water according 
to your taste preference, amount of water will directly affect the thickness of the curry.
**Optional: Add in soya sauce or salt if necessary, according to your taste and preference.
**Optional: You can replace chicken with other meats such as beef, duck, mutton and etc.
MyKuali 泰式咖喱鸡即煮酱
泰式咖喱鸡(4 - 5 人份)
200克 (1 袋) MyKuali 泰式咖喱鸡即煮酱
800克 - 1 公斤 鸡肉 (切块)
200 克 马铃薯 (去皮,切块)
400 毫升
100 毫升 椰浆
1. 把马铃薯水煮至暖,然后捞起, 备用。
2. 将“MyKuali泰式咖哩鸡既煮酱”和鸡块倒入锅里,用小火翻炒均匀。
2. 倒入水,用中火煮至沸, 然后加入马铃薯。
3. 当鸡块熟透,加入椰浆,煮沸后即可享用。