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MyKuali Instant Sambal Tumis Seafood Paste
MYR 4.80
(inclusive 6% GST)

Weight 200g
1 packet

Sambal Udang is a popular dish of the Baba-Nyonya’s cuisines.

It is normally used for cooking prawns with petai or prawns with cucumber.

MyKuali’s Sambal Udang contains high quality belacan that is sure to capture your taste bud.

With MyKuali’s Sambal Udang Paste, the supposedly complicated dish becomes so easy to prepare.

A complicated dish can now be prepared with the simplest method and the shortest time at its most authentic form.

MyKuali Instant Sambal Seafood Paste (Sambal Udang) 
Sambal Udang (4-5 serving)
200 gm (1 packet) MyKuali Instant Sambal Seafood Paste (Sambal Udang)
600 gm Prawns (Peeled)
1 Cucumber (Cut into pieces)
200 ml Water
1. Put in "MyKuali Instant Sambal Seafood Paste (Sambal Udang)
together with prawns and cucumber into wok, stir fry with low heat.
2. Add in water (Aproximately 200ml) and stir fry over medium heat.
3. Ready to serve when ingredients are cooked.
**Cucumber can be replaced by "buah petai".
**Amount of water is just an estimation, you are required to top up water if the dish is too dry.
**Optional: Add in soya sauce or salt if necessary, according to your taste and preference.
叁拜虾(4 - 5 人份)
200克 (1 袋) MyKuali叁拜海鲜既煮酱(叁拜虾)
600 克 虾 (去壳)
1 条 黄瓜 (切块)
200 毫升
1. 将"MyKuali叁拜海鲜既煮酱(叁拜虾)",虾和黄瓜(切块)
一起倒入锅里, 与小火翻炒。
2. 加入清水(约200毫升),中火翻炒。
**随个人喜好, 可用臭豆取代黄瓜