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MyKuali Instant Hainan Sour and Spicy Paste
MYR 4.80
(inclusive 6% GST)

Weight 200g
1 packet

MyKuali’s Instant Hainan Sour & Spicy Steam Fish Paste has a very unique aroma and sourish taste and is really appetizing.

The combination of different spices and leaves used in this paste bring out extremely unforgettable unique taste. 

It is MyKuali’s very own formulated recipe and has captured many people’s taste buds.

It is suitable for steaming fish or any seafood, topping some vegetables of your choice for a hearty meal. With some amendment to the cooking suggestion, you can also cook our Malaysian Award Winning Laksa with really simple steps. Do refer to MyKuali’s Cookbook for detailed recipes.

MyKuali Instant Hainan Sour & Spicy Steam Fish Paste Instruction
Hainan Sour & Spicy Steam Fish (4 - 5 serving)
200 g (1 packet) MyKuali Instant Hainan Sour & Spicy Steam Fish Paste
800g - 1kg Pomfret or any other fresh fish
1 Tomato (Cut into 4 pieces)
6 - 8 Ladies' fingers
50 ml  Water
1. Wash the fish and place it on a plate that is suitable for steaming.
2. Decorate cut tomatoes and ladies' fingers beside the fish.
3. Mix "MyKuali Hainan Sour & Spicy Steam Fish Paste" with water and pour on top of fish, tomatoes and ladies' fingers.
4. Put the fish to steam for 15-20 minutes.
**May use other seafood ingredients such as prawns, clams, squids and etc.
**May use other cooking methods such as BBQ and stir fry.
MyKuali 海南酸辣蒸鱼即煮酱 
海南酸辣蒸鱼 (4 - 5 人份)
200克 (1 袋) MyKuali 海南酸辣蒸鱼即煮酱
800克 - 1 公斤 鲳鱼或其他鲜鱼类
1 粒 番茄 (切成四片)
6 - 8 条 羊角豆
50 毫升
1. 将以洗净的鱼,番茄和羊角豆放在碟子上。
2. 将水和"MyKuali海南酸辣蒸鱼即煮酱倒入碗里,搅拌均匀,然后淋在碟子上的材料。
3. 蒸约10-15分钟,乘热享用。